The following links will take you deep into the world of Billiards, Pool and Snooker across the continents in the following categories, and will be updated on a regular basis as and when the information is available.
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International & National Associations - In many countries in the world all our favoured baize games are covered by a variety of associations.

These listings will enable the viewer to find the appropriate association for their needs. Included within this section are also national / international player organisations.

Regional Associations & Leagues - The starting point for all players of our beloved sports is at league level, whether the league is run by promoters or independently by elected enthusiasts.

The next level usually regional bodies. These listings will take you to the web sites of a large variety of leagues throughout the world.

Player Profiles - As players become more popular, especially national and international standard, these days they should have their own web pages.

Listed are the pages we know of, but it appears that some players are still keeping a low profile.

Teams, Clubs & Halls - As a sport, Billiards, Pool and Snooker always seem to be portrayed as games played in seedy and dark halls of ill repute.

Certainly this is the image that film producers would have us believe.

Amongst this listing of Teams, Clubs and Halls we have no doubt there will be such venues, but the image in recent years has changed as clubs aim for a higher market and there are now some very luxurious establishments around the world.

Cues & Cue Care - What can we say about these links, every player has their favorite stick and unless you are in the market for a new cue these pages may be found boring.

Or will they? - Do you care for your cue correctly? do you understand how it performs?, come inside and find out.

Tables & Equipment - A large variety of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors around the world for all your game room equipment.

Playing Rules / Hints / Tips - A good all round set of links for all players who wish to find out more about the rules of the game, how to make the game play your way, and a host of other useful information

Books / Magazines / E-zines / Blogs - There are a proliferation of books, magazines and web magazines to suit all levels of enthusiast as these links will show, some only available in certain countries others worldwide.
Tournaments & Competitions - Links to past, present and future tournaments both amateur and professional.
Management & Game Software - Software for managing the game, playing the game, and of course links to the various virtual games and tournaments
Miscellaneous - All those bitsy things that do not seem to fit in a category and of course other links sites
Pictures and Clip Art - Photographs, Drawings, Clipart and Web Art. You will find a vast variety available including free downloads.
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