There are many sites that contain references to our game.

This listing will show some of the ones we have been unable to categorise, but is by no means complete.

If you know of any that should be listed, please take time out and go to the Show Us Yours page to enter the details. If any links are not working, please email webmaster

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8Ball - American biased general pages with some good links

Arizona Billiards Network - The A to Z of Billiards & Pool

Chalk's Free - Total Billiard Directory

Cue Action Pool Promotions

Cues n Views - Snooker memorabilia & collecting

Home page of Cor van Dusschoten A collection of links, mainly Dutch

My Billiard Table - Some links from Jeff Merrill

OnTheCheese.Com Billiards - Ranked Among Raleigh NC and Pool Players Online Top Sports Sites

Pool Table Plans - Plans on how to build your own pool table - 4 different sizes

Snooker - Some snooker info from Cor van Dusschoten

Snooker Page - From the Nova Scotia Pool Association

Snooker World Records - Collected by WWW Snooker - Excellent

Swiss Snooker