Rules of all our favoured baize games vary from town to town, state to state, and country to country.
Ther are a myriad of ways the games may be played, and of course hints and tips on how to get the best out of the game are always welcome.

This listing will show some of the major rules and some very useful tutorials, but is by no means complete.

If you know of any that should be listed, please take time out and go to the Show Us Yours page to enter the details. If any links are not working, please email webmaster

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9ballpool - A resource site for the UK's 9 ball community

Billy Aardd's Club General Carom Billiard House Rules

Billiards Expert.Com - Online Billiards School

Blackball 8 Ball Rules - UK Guide to blackball 8ball pool rules sanctioned by the World Pool Association

CueSport College International - International school of cuing arts

Easy Pool Tutor - One of the best online tutors for all levels of play with many tips - and its FREE!

Game Rules and Tips - An English and Dutch site

General Rules for Pocket Billiards - General rules of pool from the BCA

Il Biliardo - Billiard techniques, lessons and exhibitions from Italy

On The Hill - A variety of playing tips for Pool & Billiards

Physics of Pool - Interesting reading by Jim Meador

Pool Clinic - Tips and Blog from Mark Wilson

Pool Playing Tips . Com - A resource with usefull information on the game and how to play

Pool School - Learn to play from Jerry Briesath, BCA Master Instructor

Pool Table Rules - BCA rules and variations

Secrets of Three Cushion Billiards

Snooker & Billiards Coaching - by Mark Mytton

Snooker and Pool Page A medley of rules

Snooker Games - Excellent, especially history and Q & A section

Tales and Tips - Good tips from the library of billiard horrors

The Cue Zone

Top Ten Myths in Pool - I know many players who swear by these myths

Up and Down - Rules for a "different" pool game - 16 cue balls???

X Ball 1 Shot - Every ball is the cue ball - I wish!