There are a large number of software programs for both the management of Clubs and Halls, league fixtures and tournaments and of course a large variety of game software both for playing on and offline.

This listing will show some of the major ones, but is by no means complete.

If you know of any that should be listed, please take time out and go to the Show Us Yours page to enter the details. If any links are not working, please email webmaster

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3d pool - Free 3d pool game, play and chat against anyone in the world.

3D Online Pool - By FlyOrDie - The ultimate online real time service for Poolroom owners and Poolplayers

Billiard Business Solutions - The best solution for operating pool rooms, bars and restaurants

Binary Sciences Incorporated - League Software - online snooker game

GameDesire -

IngenPool 2.0 - Billiard tournament manager

Manage Your League - A League Management and Online Player Registration Software application.

Material Worlds Snooker - Aim and shoot from the players perspective - Realistic online game

Pool House Manager Complete billiard room management system

Pool Sharks - Fast UK pool game & online chat room, works within your browser, and its FREE

The Pool Club - A 2D/3D Online Pool Game

Virtual International Pool Ladder - "We have the players if you have the balls!"